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Help us plant 10,000 trees


On Tuesday 4th October we will be celebrating Great Apes Giving Day - and we need your help. 

We need to plant 10,000 trees to build a forest corridor to link two areas of forest that have been separated as a result of forest fires. Pematang Gadung is a community forest located close to our orangutan rescue centre. It is home to one of the biggest populations of wild orangutans in West Borneo, and is an incredibly important ecosystem for the wildlife and water balance of the area. During the fires of 2015, this forest lost 5,000 acres.

Our plan is to build a corridor to connect two remaining areas of forest. This corridor will run through the land that was destroyed last year and will allow the orangutans to move freely over a much larger area. If this project is a success, we will be able to reforest even more affected areas in the future.

This project is ambitious and costly, but with your support we believe it is achievable. Here is how you can help:



If 1,000 of our supporters donate $10, we will have raised the target amount required for this corridor. 

The costs are specified in US dollars but the website takes donations from all around the world.