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‘Slow lorises are endangered – so this is good, right?’

This argument is simply not valid. It is their popularity as pets that is causing the slow loris to be at serious risk of extinction - keeping a slow loris as a pet supports and encourages the pet trade and as a result is endangering this amazing species. 

In addition to this, any captive breeding programmes are very unlikely to be successful as it is notoriously difficult to breed lorises in captivity. To run a successful loris breeding programme you would need an immense knowledge of loris ecology and also suitable facilities for breeding. Slow lorises only have one offspring at a time (apart from pygmy slow lorises that have twins) and have a long inter-birth interval of around 16 months. It is therefore highly unlikely that lorises can be succesfully bred in captivity.

Even if a slow loris is successfully bred in captivity for the pet trade it would not be part of a reintroduction programme and would therefore not benefit the wild population in any way. the only way to save this species is to keep them in the wild, where they belong.

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