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Lily Saving animals from suffering around the world

Animals - Lily

Cepat was brought in to our primate centre in June 2011. He had spent six months in captivity as a pet before he was rescued. He is a Sumatran slow loris and his name means ‘Speedy’ in Bahasa Indonesian. 
Debe is our youngest slow loris at the centre, at just two and a half months old (December 2014)She was born at the centre but sadly Debe's mother died of a prolapse when Debe was just two weeks. So she has been hand fed by the keepers ever since.   ​
Laura was rescued from captivity in September 2012, having been contacted by the person who "owned" her. Her history is unclear as is often the case where illegal pet ownership is concerned!
Lily was brought into IAR's primate centre in Java, Indonesia in November 2013.
Maurice was brought in to our rehabilitation centre in Java, Indonesia in November 2013.
Mawar the slow loris was under observation by our loris monitoring team in Gunung Salak National Park. In October 2012 the team discovered that she had an injury on her left hand and was in urgent need of medical attention.