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Rescued George still needs you

George the bear arrived at the gates of our Agra sanctuary nearly nine years ago. We were shocked by the terrible condition of this bear as he was led limping through the gates of our sanctuary. Every step was painful for him, as though he was still treading on the red hot coals that had been used to teach him to ‘dance’ all those years ago.

The bear’s nose was swollen and torn, his eyes dull and lifeless. He didn’t even raise his head to take in his new surroundings. His name was George.

Help care for rescued bears like George

More challenges lay ahead for poor George, even after we took him in and we promised him that his days as a dancing bear were well and truly over. The cruel rope had to be carefully removed from his nose. The vets from our partners Wildlife SOS gently eased the rope out of the sleeping bear’s nose.  We couldn’t help but think of the agony he had endured during all those years on the streets, yanked and dragged by the nose until it was torn and the pads on his feet were cracked and bleeding.

We were so glad he was now in our care and we could do everything possible to give George a long, peaceful and pain-free retirement.

Since George’s rescue many more bears have come into our care, a huge amount of work still needs to be done as the challenges we are facing now are enormous. 

The harsh reality is that caring for over 350 bears costs a huge amount of money and they can only be cared for with your support. Only with your help can the bears’ lives be transformed by providing them with first-class care and attention. It is no more than they deserve after all they have suffered.

By giving today you will ensure that these bears are given nutritious food and nourishing treats like honey and fruits to help build up their strength. We need to be able to provide ongoing medical treatment to soothe their nose wounds, broken teeth and sore feet. Now these bears have been rescued it’s our responsibility to care for them on a daily basis and do everything we can to give George and his friends the comfortable, contented lives they deserve.

Please give whatever you can afford today to make sure that every day their lives are worth living again.

 It is only thanks to you that we have been able to restore damaged bears to health and it is only with your help that we can continue to care for them and watch over them. We urgently need your help today. Thank you.