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Questions About the Project

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Can I visit your primate centres in Indonesia?

Unfortunately not. Our centres in Indonesia provide sanctuary to confiscated primates. As the overall goal of our projects is to rehabilitate and release our animals, we try and limit contact with humans as much as possible, as affiliation with humans can seriously undermine rehabilitation efforts and the development of wild behaviours. A stream of visitors can also cause unnecessary stress to animals, which we obviously make great effort to avoid.

As primates are closely related to humans, there is also a substantial risk of cross transmission of diseases. We require all visitors to our centre to have the necessary vaccinations, and to undergo a period of quarantine, of between 5-10 days, depending on the centre.

Can I volunteer at your primate centres in Indonesia?

Volunteering at our primate rescue centre in Java is currently limited to qualified veterinarians with at least two years’ work experience, or researchers affiliated with a university, who can help us increase our understanding of macaque and slow loris ecology[CW1] , and the knowledge we need to release them back into the wild.

We also welcome vet volunteers and academic researchers to our orangutan centre in Borneo. We do not have a volunteer programme in Ketapang that allows any contact with orangutans, to comply with health and rehabilitation protocols, but we do run a volunteer project in collaboration with The Great Projects. Details of the programme can be found by clicking here.