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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Please help us care for Cookie and her friends this Holiday season.

A little bear affectionately known as Cookie lives in our Agra Bear Rescue Center in India. And she depends on your kind donations to feed and care for her. Cookie was forced to ‘dance’ on the streets of India until we rescued her.  When we found Cookie she was painfully thin and malnourished. And the wound in her muzzle where her nose had been pierced with a red hot needle was crawling with maggots.

Cookie is a tiny bear – by far the smallest in our sanctuary. It sickens me to think how much she suffered during her years on the streets. The poor creature lived in constant pain from her cracked paws, broken teeth and torn and infected nose.

Please help us give Cookie and her friends all the care and comfort they need this Holiday season. 

Your kind gift will help provide soothing treatment for deep wounds like Cookie’s, the heart breaking legacy of life as a dancing bear.

In spite of the cruelty and neglect she suffered for so long, Cookie has grown into a sweet-natured, happy bear. But now she needs regular medication and constant care. Following repeated beatings from her handler, Cookie is blind and suffers from severe hair loss which we believe is the result of suffering so much trauma.

Your gift today will help keep Cookie safe and comfortable in our sanctuary.

Little Cookie lives with the other blind bears in a special enclosure opposite the veterinary clinic. She loves her healthy treats of fruit, particularly watermelons and papayas. She can always be spotted snuffling around excitedly in her enclosure when it’s enrichment time – for her your kind gift will mean plenty of tasty treats over the Holidays.

Please show you care for the scarred and damaged bears we both love so much. Cookie and her friends simply can’t do without you.

International Animal Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. So if you live in the USA and you donate before midnight on December 31st, you can claim a deduction on your 2016 taxes.

Please send your gift today of as much as you can afford. Thank you.