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Please help us care for Pasar the baby slow loris

Pasar is a Javan slow loris of only six to eight weeks old. And yet this baby has already suffered terrible cruelty during his short life.
The little loris was snatched from the cool shade of the Indonesian rainforest, stuffed into a small dark box filled with other terrified lorises and transported into the noise, heat and blinding sunlight of an animal market in Jakarta.

We don’t know what happened to Pasar’s mother. She is likely to have been caught at the same time as her baby but cruelly kept apart from him so that they could be sold separately and earn more money for their captor. 

Please send a gift today to help us care for Pasar 

Before he was put up for sale Pasar’s tiny canine teeth were filed down by the dealer in the market to make the little creature defenceless. Many slow lorises fall sick after having their teeth cut out and are dead before they can be sold.

But Pasar clung on to life and, one day just a few weeks ago, the Indonesian police raided the market. They confiscated Pasar and four other lorises that were on sale there - another small baby, an adult male and two females. 

All five lorises were brought to our centre in Ciapus, near Bogor, about four hours’ drive from Jakarta. On arrival the lorises were taken straight to the veterinary clinic and received immediate treatment from our medical team. The slow lorises were in a serious condition. The adults were dehydrated, their teeth had been clipped out and their mouths were bleeding and infected. One female was pregnant. The babies Pasar and Warung were severely traumatised and constantly crying out for their mothers.

Tragically, because of the damage to their teeth, it is unlikely that any of the adults will ever return to the wild. But the babies still stand a chance of returning to their home in the forest. Once they have completed their time in quarantine, their rehabilitation can begin.  

Only time will tell whether Pasar and his friend will recover sufficiently from the physical and mental trauma they have suffered to fend for themselves back in the wild.


We are doing all we can to help Pasar and the other lorises recover from the trauma of being snatched from the forest, smuggled in suffocating conditions into an animal market and having their teeth filed and cut. Please do all YOU can to support our vital work. Thank you.



The five rescued animals were all Javan slow lorises – a species now listed as Critically Endangered by the World Conservation Union (IUCN.) The greatest threat to the survival of this delightful little primate is the illegal pet trade. Our team in Java are doing all they can to rescue and rehabilitate lorises like Pasar and Warung, as well as supporting the work of the authorities to crack down on the poachers and smugglers. The four traders who were selling the lorises were all arrested and I hope they will be severely punished for their vile crime.