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Temon Saving animals from suffering around the world


Temon was just two years old when she was rescued from a palm oil worker's house. The owner claimed that he saw a female orangutan with an infant walking on the ground, and that as he approached the orangutan, the mother dropped the baby and ran a

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Taken from RESCUE OF TEMON news | 19th November 2013

On 17 November our rescue team were busy once again, following a telephone call from BKSDA (Forestry) to inform us about a young orangutan being illegally held in a palm oil worker’s house in a village called Betenung, thirty kilometres south east of Ketapang.

When our team arrived they...

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Taken from May Orangutan Diary diary | 3rd June 2014 by Lisa Burtenshaw, volunteer

Temon (pictured) is showing great promise. She is still very tiny, but incredibly independent of the carers. Always climbing high, even when the other babies are crying for their food or drinks, Temon remains calm and quiet, but with a very hopeful look in her eyes. She should grow to be a big...

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Taken from NOVEMBER ORANGUTAN UPDATE diary | 3rd December 2013 by Lisa Burtenshaw, volunteer
Patrick and John

Kiki finished his quarantine period this month and was moved to one of the large socialisation cages where he was introduced to Patrick. But sadly after years living in a tiny cage Kiki’s muscles are very weak and underdeveloped and he moves and climbs very slowly. Consequently, he was struggling...

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