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Santi Saving animals from suffering around the world


Santi is a young female orangutan and arrived at IAR in October 2013 when she was approximately 3 years old. She was surrendered to the forestry department by her owner who did not want to look after her anymore as it was too expensive. 

Articles and more about Santi

Our orangutans move to the islands!

Taken from Our orangutans move to the islands! news | 19th May 2015

Our Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Kalimantan - the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo - has over 80 orangutans at the centre. These orangutans are of different ages -  young babies, juveniles and adults too. Through our rehabilitation programme we teach the orangutans as...

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IAR's Orangutans and Rescue Team Set to Star in TV Special

Taken from IAR's Orangutans and Rescue Team Set to Star in TV Special news | 2nd June 2014

"ORANGUTAN RESCUE: BACK TO THE WILD" - Next Screening: Nat Geo Wild, AUSTRALIA 8.30pm on Sunday 29 June

A documentary scheduled to air on Nat Geo WILD TV follows the team at International Animal Rescue’s Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in West Borneo as they work to save...

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Taken from NOVEMBER ORANGUTAN UPDATE diary | 3rd December 2013 by Lisa Burtenshaw, volunteer
Patrick and John

Kiki finished his quarantine period this month and was moved to one of the large socialisation cages where he was introduced to Patrick. But sadly after years living in a tiny cage Kiki’s muscles are very weak and underdeveloped and he moves and climbs very slowly. Consequently, he was struggling...

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Taken from October Update from the Orangutan Rescue Team diary | 4th November 2013 by Lisa Burtenshaw, volunteer
Rescued orangutan Santi will be given the best care at our orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre in Indonesia

The beginning of October bought us new arrival Santi. She is about three years old and has had a chain of different owners; we think she originally came from the area of Singkup. She was surrendered to BKSDA (forestry department), who handed her over to us. We know very little about her background...

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