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Onyo Saving animals from suffering around the world


Onyo is a sweet orangutan, rescued by International Animal Rescue in March 2013. He was aged around 12-18 months old when he was rescued, and had been living with a man for about 7 months, who had fed him on milk and rice.

Taken from September update on rescues, translocations and new arrivals! diary | 22nd October 2013 by Lisa Burtenshaw, volunteer
Rescued orangutan Pelangi will now learn to behave like a wild orangutan

As ever, it’s been a busy couple of months for the team at the centre in Ketapang, with rescues, translocations and new arrivals.In mid-September we received Pelangi, a two year old female orangutan. Pelangi (Indonesian for 'rainbow') had been kept as a pet for about one year, in an area close to...

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Taken from Updates on our orangutans large and small! diary | 8th August 2013 by Christine Nelson, Ketapang

The past month was busy as usual in Ketapang and Sungai Awan, and was kicked off by moving Prima, one of our adolescent females, to the forest enclosure. Here she was reunited with her former cagemate, Helen, and a couple of other friends. Helen and Prima are the next candidates for release, but...

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Taken from Spring update from International Animal Rescue diary | 19th May 2013 by Christine Nelson

Spring has sprung in Sungai Awan, and all the babies and juveniles have now arrived at their new forest home and are ready to take part in the rehabilitation process.New arrivals Tribun and Onyo have both graduated from quarantine and are finding their place within the small baby group. Amin has...

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Taken from Back to Back Rescues! diary | 27th March 2013 by Christine Nelson, Ketapang

Amin has finally arrived! It took nearly 24 hours of travel over a great distance and bumpy roads, but he has found a new home in Sungai Awan. The rescue team took the long journey through some areas of destroyed forest to the staff quarters of a mining company where Amin was kept as a pet for 2...

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