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Monte Saving animals from suffering around the world


Monte arrived at IAR's centre in 2010 when he was about 16 years old. He had been kept illegally as a pet by his owners since he was a baby, and spent all this time in a cage.

Articles and more about Monte

IAR's Orangutans and Rescue Team Set to Star in TV Special

Taken from IAR's Orangutans and Rescue Team Set to Star in TV Special news | 2nd June 2014

"ORANGUTAN RESCUE: BACK TO THE WILD" - Next Screening: Nat Geo Wild, AUSTRALIA 8.30pm on Sunday 29 June

A documentary scheduled to air on Nat Geo WILD TV follows the team at International Animal Rescue’s Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in West Borneo as they work to save...

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New orangutan Monte arrives in Ketapang

Taken from New orangutan Monte arrives in Ketapang news | 22nd November 2010

Monte was chained and kept in a tiny cage (Photo: Reuters)The most recent arrival at International Animal Rescue's centre in...

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Taken from June 2014 Orangutan Update - Jojo and Joyce are kept happy and our two new arrivals settle in diary | 21st July 2014

Jojo (pictured) was moved from quarantine to a socialisation cage a couple of months ago, but his close proximity to the centre’s dominant male, Monte, was leading to some aggression. To keep both the big boys happy, we moved Jojo to another socialisation cage, but being a very inquisitive...

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