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Mely Saving animals from suffering around the world


Mely is a sweet female orangutan, whose rescue received a great deal of media interest. She had been chained up since infancy to wooden decking and fed on scraps of processed food, such as microwave noodles.

Articles and more about Mely

International Animal Rescue appeals for funds for "Mely's Island"

Taken from International Animal Rescue appeals for funds for "Mely's Island" news | 10th April 2013

International Animal Rescue is appealing for funds to purchase a small island in Western Borneo to give Mely and the other adult orangutans at IAR’s temporary rescue centre their first taste of freedom.

Mely was rescued by IAR’s team in October 2010 and currently lives in the emergency...

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Taken from October Update from the Orangutan Rescue Team diary | 4th November 2013 by Lisa Burtenshaw, volunteer
Rescued orangutan Santi will be given the best care at our orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre in Indonesia

The beginning of October bought us new arrival Santi. She is about three years old and has had a chain of different owners; we think she originally came from the area of Singkup. She was surrendered to BKSDA (forestry department), who handed her over to us. We know very little about her background...

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Taken from Adult orangutans on the move! diary | 23rd July 2013 by Micah Jensen, veterinarian, Ketapang
The adult orangutans are sedated in order to give them a thorough health check

The IAR centre in Ketapang has been a hive of activity in the last few weeks in preparation for the big orangutan move. Last week four of our largest female orangutans Mona, Huta, Mely and Cinta were moved from their housing at the old transit centre in Ketapang City to the newly built IAR ...

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