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Kiki Saving animals from suffering around the world


Kiki was rescued by IAR in September 2013, at around 8-10 years old. 

Kiki was illegally kept as a pet in West Kalimantan and was living in frightful conditions. Kiki is extremely small for his size owing to malnourishment and cramped living conditions as a pet.

Taken from May Orangutan Diary diary | 3rd June 2014 by Lisa Burtenshaw, volunteer

Temon (pictured) is showing great promise. She is still very tiny, but incredibly independent of the carers. Always climbing high, even when the other babies are crying for their food or drinks, Temon remains calm and quiet, but with a very hopeful look in her eyes. She should grow to be a big...

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Taken from The Rescue of Kiki diary | 18th October 2013 by Syifa Sidik, Ketapang
Karmele, chief vet, assesses Kiki's situation

At the end of September our colleagues at The Centre for Orangutan Protection informed us of an orangutan living in frightful conditions in Kubu Raya Regency in West Kalimantan, some 150 kilometres from Ketapang. Knowing that this would be no easy task, on 5th October, in conjunction with the local...

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