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Joyce Saving animals from suffering around the world

Animals - Joyce

Amin is a young orangutan, rescued in 2013 by International Animal Rescue. He was chained by his neck to a tree, living off scraps. He is now thriving in forest school, and we hope to release him after a full rehabilitation process.
Anjas was three and a half years old when he was surrendered to the local forestry department at orangutan rescue centre in Kalimantan. The young primate had been kept as a pet for three years in the Kuba Raya area, a regency of Pontianak.  


Three year old male orangutan called Bob was rescued in October 2014. He was being kept as a pet along with many other animals including dogs, cats and chickens.
Bonita was rescued by the IAR team in February 2014, from a man who was trying to sell his pet orangutan as he was soon to leave the area. He had bought the orangutan from a hunter who had killed and eaten the mother and then captured and sold the baby.
Budi was rescued by our team in December 2014. He spent the first year of his life locked up in a tiny chicken cage. He was so unwell that he was unable to move, wedged between two planks of wood on a wire floor. He was rushed to our centre and thanks to our expert vets, he survived.  Please...
Bujing was rescued by our IAR orangutan rescue in October 2014. 
Bunga arrived at IAR's Orangutan rescue centre in November 2009 when she was estimated to be about two and a half years old. She had been kept in a cage in a family’s garden after they found her wandering around near their home.


On 28th October our rescue team accompanied by BKSDA (Forestry Dept) and The Police went to Desa Sukagaria, Marau where they rescued a 3-year-old male orangutan called Dio.
Gito was less than five months old when our rescue team found him in 2015. He had been dumped in a filthy cardboard box and left to die. It took round the clock care and determination from our vets, but they never gave up and thankfully Gito survived.Your adoption today will help Gito...
Gunung arrived at our orangutan rescue centre in Ketapang, West Borneo on 3 November 2011. He was estimated to be just two or three months old, so the little one had been separated from his mother at a very young age. Gunung was extremely skinny and his weight was just over 2kg when he arrived....
On October 14th IAR's orangutan rescue centre took a very tiny baby into their care, the youngest orangutan at the centre.His name is Jemmi and we estimate he is less than six months old, as he still doesn’t have any teeth and only weighs 2kg. 
When we first found JoJo his condition moved our team to tears. He was found chained up on a pallet, living over an open sewer choked with human waste. Fed on scraps by his owners, he was just skin and bone, his body bent and weak from a lifetime in captivity. Please adopt JoJo today and help...
Joyce arrived at our Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation centre in Ketapang, West Borneo in January 2013 when she was just a year old. She had been kept as a pet for nearly a year, so was just a few months old when she was taken from her mother in the wild. Please adopt Joyce today and...
Kiki was rescued by IAR in September 2013, at around 8-10 years old. Kiki was illegally kept as a pet in West Kalimantan and was living in frightful conditions. Kiki is extremely small for his size owing to malnourishment and cramped living conditions as a pet.
Melky was rescued from Pontianak in 2010 when he was about 3 years old.  Melky was unable to climb a tree when he first came to the centre, so has a lot of orangutan skills to learn in order to survive in the wild.
Mely is a sweet female orangutan, whose rescue received a great deal of media interest. She had been chained up since infancy to wooden decking and fed on scraps of processed food, such as microwave noodles.
Monte arrived at IAR's centre in 2010 when he was about 16 years old. He had been kept illegally as a pet by his owners since he was a baby, and spent all this time in a cage.
Monti is one of the smartest orangutans at our centre. She is a confident and inquisitive orangutan with excellent climbing, nest building and foraging skills. She is a great role model for the other orphans at the centre and is very good at sharing her abilities with the younger orangutans. 
Onyo is a sweet orangutan, rescued by International Animal Rescue in March 2013. He was aged around 12-18 months old when he was rescued, and had been living with a man for about 7 months, who had fed him on milk and rice.
Pelangsi was a wild orangutan, rescued in April 2012 by International Animal Rescue.
Peni was rescued when she was about 3 years old, having been subjected to horrifying abuse and cruelty at the hands of local villagers. They tortured her mother so appallingly that she in fact died from her injuries, leaving Peni alone and terrified. 
Pingky was rescued with the help of Orangutan Outreach. She had been chained to a tree for 13 years– so long that the chain was embedded into her neck and had to be surgically removed. 
Rahayu was desperately ill when she was rescued by International Animal Rescue. She was blind, caused by her cerebral malaria, and suffering from a raging fever. Our team gave her round the clock care, and she is now a lively, energetic orangutan, with full sight restored to her! 
Rickina's vulnerablity and tragic story encapsulates the plight of young orangutans whose mothers are killed and whose lives in the wild are snatched away from them. Rescued at around five months, with a terrible gash on her forehead thanks to a machete, Rickina was brought to our orangutan rescue...
Rocky was surrendered to the Forestry Department and came to the IAR Rescue Centre in October 2012  when he was about one year old.
Santi is a young female orangutan and arrived at IAR in October 2013 when she was approximately 3 years old. She was surrendered to the forestry department by her owner who did not want to look after her anymore as it was too expensive. 
Temon was just two years old when she was rescued from a palm oil worker's house. The owner claimed that he saw a female orangutan with an infant walking on the ground, and that as he approached the orangutan, the mother dropped the baby and ran a
Udin the baby orangutan was rescued by our team in May 2015 with the assistance of the Forestry Department (BKSDA) and the local police. Two other orangutans were also rescued on the same day as Udin, all from a village close to an oil palm plantation in West Kalimantan.