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JoJo Saving animals from suffering around the world


When we first found JoJo his condition moved our team to tears. He was found chained up on a pallet, living over an open sewer choked with human waste. Fed on scraps by his owners, he was just skin and bone, his body bent and weak from a lifetime in captivity. Please adopt JoJo today and help us continue to care for him.

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Taken from JoJo Adopter Update - August 2018 diary | 4th September 2018

When we first found JoJo in 2009, he was just skin and bone. His body was bent and weak from a lifetime of a poor diet and living chained up over an open sewer.Today JoJo is a handsome adult, and a very active individual in his enclosure, swinging around and spinning on the ropes. At meal times,...

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Taken from Happy Pancake Day from JoJo! diary | 9th February 2016

A special Pancake Day message from JoJo Thank you for all your support!

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