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Budi Saving animals from suffering around the world


Budi was rescued by our team in December 2014. He spent the first year of his life locked up in a tiny chicken cage. He was so unwell that he was unable to move, wedged between two planks of wood on a wire floor. He was rushed to our centre and thanks to our expert vets, he survived.  Please adopt Budi to help show him the love he deserves.

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Articles and more about Budi

Budi graduates from baby school to forest school!

Taken from Budi graduates from baby school to forest school! news | 24th May 2017

Budi was found lying flat on his back, sick and helpless, in a chicken cage in December 2014. He was in an extremely critical condition after being kept as a pet and fed on nothing but condensed milk for...

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A year since Budi's rescue

Taken from A year since Budi's rescue news | 8th December 2015

This month is the first anniversary of Budi's rescue. 

In December 2014 Budi was found in critical condition, lying helpless on his back in a chicken cage in West Borneo. His body was bloated and his limbs were swollen and bent from malnutrition.  

When he was first rescued Budi...

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Budi and his bedtime buddy!

Taken from Budi and his bedtime buddy! news | 1st June 2015

Both Budi and Jemmi are now visiting the baby school every day for an hour and a half.

This gorgeous picture shows the toll baby school takes.

Time for a well earned nap in the hammock after a morning of playing and learning in the forest!


Budi and Jemmi make new friends

Taken from Budi and Jemmi make new friends news | 27th April 2015

Budi and Jemmi were recently introduced to some of the other orangutans at baby school for the very first time! Our team has just sent over this fantastic footage and we’re delighted to be able to share it...

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Meet the team looking after Budi!

Taken from Meet the team looking after Budi! news | 7th April 2015

A lot of our supporters have asked to meet the team at our orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre who have been caring for Budi since his rescue. 

In this video you can meet Karmele, Adi, Richa, Chirstine, Jaclyn and Ayu who have all played a huge part in helping Budi to recover from...

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Taken from Jemmi to be Budi's Buddy? diary | 27th February 2015

It is very likely that Jemmi will be the first orangutan that Budi meets (once he is strong enough)! Our team rescued Jemmi in October. He was just 4 months old and had been kept as a pet, tied up in a box outside his owner's house.When he arrived he was frightened and in need of 24 hour...

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