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Bonita Saving animals from suffering around the world


Bonita was rescued by the IAR team in February 2014, from a man who was trying to sell his pet orangutan as he was soon to leave the area. He had bought the orangutan from a hunter who had killed and eaten the mother and then captured and sold the baby.

Articles and more about Bonita

IAR's team rescues two year old orangutan 'Bonita'

Taken from IAR's team rescues two year old orangutan 'Bonita' news | 10th February 2014

Our International Animal Rescue team in Indonesia have just carried out the rescue of a two year old female orangutan called Bonita. 

Our forest monitoring team in Permatang Gadung were working on the border of...

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Taken from Dio and Bonita graduate from baby school diary | 30th June 2015

We are pleased to report that two of our rescued orangutans, 4 year olds Dio and Bonita, have done so well in baby school that they have been moved on to forest school!You may remember Dio's story from October last year. Before his rescue, Dio was being kept as a pet chained up to a big stick at...

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Taken from May Orangutan Diary diary | 3rd June 2014 by Lisa Burtenshaw, volunteer

Temon (pictured) is showing great promise. She is still very tiny, but incredibly independent of the carers. Always climbing high, even when the other babies are crying for their food or drinks, Temon remains calm and quiet, but with a very hopeful look in her eyes. She should grow to be a big...

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Taken from March Orangutan Update diary | 8th April 2014 by Lisa Burtenshaw, volunteer

Bonita moves to forest schoolBonita finished her quarantine time and joined baby school where she excelled. After only two weeks there, climbing high in the trees and foraging for food, she was moved up to forest school with the bigger orangutans. She is one of the smallest orangutans in the...

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Taken from We free four orangutans and rescue two more - Jan 2014 update diary | 12th February 2014 by Lisa Burternshaw, volunteer

We had a great start to the year with the release of four orangutans - Ael, Sukma, Santa and Helen. You can read about the releases here: Helen is currently being followed and her progress is monitored every day. She spends most of her day travelling, foraging, making nests, resting and watching...

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