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Orangutan rescued from the pet trade in West Borneo

12th February 2019

Our team in West Borneo has joined with Forestry officials to rescue a young female orangutan that had been kept in a crate for nearly four years. The orangutan was being kept as a pet in the small Hamlet of Punai Jaya, Durian Sebatang Village in Seponti District, Ketapang Regency in West Borneo.... read more »

Rescued slow lorises return to freedom in the rainforest

24th January 2019

Our team in Indonesia has joined with the Majalengka Police, West Java and the West Java Centre for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) to release 65 Javan slow lorises back into the wild.They were among 79 of the Critically Endangered primates rescued from poachers planning to sell them... read more »

Ten slow lorises are treated at our centre in Java after 79 were rescued by police

15th January 2019

Ten Critically Endangered Javan slow lorises are in intensive care at our primate centre near Bogor, West Java after being confiscated from poachers by the Majalengka Regional Police. The lorises had been rescued from the illegal trade in the Majalengka area, West Java and taken to our centre on... read more »

Our frontline fight to save critically endangered orangutans to feature on US TV

19th December 2018

The life-saving work of our team in Indonesia rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orangutans back into the forests of Borneo will feature in a documentary on Animal Planet at 10pm on Saturday, 22nd December.“RED APE: SAVING THE ORANGUTAN”, a co-production by UK company Offspring Films for the... read more »

IAR vet comes to the aid of stricken animals in the aftermath of the Sulawesi earthquake

12th December 2018

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Sulawesi at the end of September, a volunteer vet with our team in Indonesia, Paula Delignies Calderon from Spain, travelled to the disaster area to help treat sick and injured animals.She was only able to stay for nine days but nevertheless managed to treat... read more »

Mission accomplished – greatest bear so far is rescued

26th November 2018

Last Friday 23 November we joined with our partners FPWC to take on the rescue of two caged bears living in horrific conditions at a bus depot.It had taken a year to overcome the obstacles to setting these two bears free. While we fought for their release, the poor animals languished in their... read more »

Orangutan Caring Week celebrations at our orangutan rescue centre in Borneo

19th November 2018

In commemoration and celebration of ‘Orangutan Caring Week’ ( 11-17 November), our team in Indonesia, in collaboration with the ‘Pongo Ranger’ Community, held a community gathering and ‘conservation debate’ competition for the local schools, young people and community.The event was held on the 17th... read more »


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