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Grim discovery during operation to rescue endangered slow lorises

25th April 2017

Our team in West Borneo made a grim discovery when they arrived to rescue some endangered slow lorises that were being kept at a tourist resort as an attraction for the guests.  After receiving reports that there were 17 lorises at the location, the team found only ten.  Seven of the endangered... read more »

IAR applauds naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham for stand against illegal hunting in Malta.

20th April 2017

IAR has expressed full support for the stand taken by naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham against the illegal trapping and shooting of birds in Malta.The BBC presenter, who is making a film about Malta’s spring hunting of migrating birds, was charged with assault and trespass after confronting... read more »

Following latest confiscation, IAR calls for urgent end to trafficking in protected slow lorises.

10th April 2017

Fourteen Critically Endangered Javan slow lorises have been confiscated by the Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources (BBKSDA), the police of Tasikmalaya, West Java and the Ministry of Law Enforcement of the Environment and Forestry.  The confiscation of six female lorises, seven males and... read more »

Our team in Java rescues a traumatised pet monkey abandoned by its owners

24th March 2017

The team at our primate rehabilitation centre in Bogor, West Java, has rescued a pet monkey that was abandoned by her owners at a popular tourist spot not far from our centre. Ironically, the female long-tailed macaque was dumped on 16 March which was International Macaque Day.The team found the... read more »

Our team in West Borneo rescues three orangutans in four days

21st March 2017

During the past week our team in West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) has rescued three pet orangutans in just four days.On 13 March the team rescued two orangutans on the same day with the assistance of officials from the local BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Agency.)The first orangutan to be... read more »

Orangutan Amy rescued from life in a small wooden box

14th March 2017

Our Human Orangutan Conflict Team in Ketapang has rescued an orangutan that was being kept chained up as a pet in a small wooden crate after they were alerted to her existence by local group Yaysan Palung. Our team was accompanied on the rescue operation by officials from the local forest... read more »

Orangutan Reva is returned to her home in the forest

7th March 2017

In collaboration with the Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA), the Military District Command and the local Institute of Forest Management in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, IAR’s team in Indonesia has released a female orangutan back into the wild in Pematang Gadung, South Matan Hilir Subdistrict... read more »


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