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Massive male orangutan is found a new home in the Bornean rainforest after his habitat is destroyed by fire

26th November 2019

Widespread land and forest fires in Indonesia during the past few months have had a devastating impact on wildlife, causing many animals to lose their homes.Recently, our Orangutan Protection Unit (OPU) was called out to deal with an orangutan in an oil palm concession. Residents from Mayak Village... read more »

Orangutan shot and blinded in one eye is returned to the rainforest

22nd November 2019

The male orangutan of more than 20 years old was finally judged ready for release after being rescued on 20 September from the village of Tanjungpura, Muara Pawan District in Ketapang. At the time of his rescue, Junai’s condition gave serious cause for concern. He was very thin and he was blind in... read more »

We have saved a mother and baby orangutan after their forest habitat is burnt down

15th October 2019

We have rescued a mother and baby orangutan after their forest home was destroyed by fire. Our team, in collaboration with the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) rescued the pair near the village of Tempurukan after a large area of the forest where they lived was destroyed by the forest... read more »

Orangutan victims of forest fires are found a new home in West Borneo

9th October 2019

Three orangutans that had been victims of the land and forest fires in Indonesia have been returned to the wild.A team from Gunung Palung National Park (TANAGUPA), the Natural Resources Conservation Agency of West Kalimantan (BKSDA) and a team from our rescue centre released the primates in the... read more »

We have rescued a stranded male orangutan from fragmented forest

3rd October 2019

We have saved the life of an orangutan stranded in a small fragment of forest after the surrounding area was destroyed by fire.The West Kalimantan Conservation Agency (BKSDA) and our team in Indonesia carried out the emergency rescue operation in the village of Tanjungpura, Muara Pawan in Ketapang... read more »

Another orangutan rescued from forest fires

27th September 2019

After miraculously freeing himself from a deadly snare, a young male orangutan has been rescued after being caught up in forest fires sweeping across Indonesia.Our team in Indonesia, in collaboration with the Natural Resources Conservation Centre (BKSDA), has been called out urgently to rescue yet... read more »

Two orangutans rescued from forest and land fires in West Borneo

18th September 2019

Our team in Indonesia has carried out the emergency rescue of two orangutans found stranded as a result of the forest and land fires currently raging through West Borneo. The rescue operation was carried out in collaboration with the West Kalimantan Conservation Agency (BKSDA) of the West... read more »


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