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Our conservation centre in Ketapang takes in two baby orangutans rescued by police

22nd August 2017

Our team in Ketapang is caring for two baby orangutans rescued in a raid by the Rapid Response Unit conducted by police from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) in West Borneo. The two orangutans, a male of about a year and a female of about eight months old, were found packed up in... read more »

Large male orangutan rescued from Kali Baru

18th August 2017

We have released new footage that shows the rescue of a magnificent male orangutan our team have named Abun. This footage has been released to mark International Orangutan Day on 19 August. The great ape was rescued by our team after he was driven from his home in the forest by land clearance... read more »

Fifteen slow lorises return to freedom in the Sumatran rainforest.

15th August 2017

Fifteen Sumatran slow lorises have been released into the Bukit Barisan National Park in Lampung, Sumatra after lengthy rehabilitation at our rescue centre in Bogor, West Java. The release was carried out on 7 August by our team and members of staff at the national park.The lorises, consisting of... read more »

Slow lorises Canon and Chestnut return to freedom in the forest

11th August 2017

Female slow loris Canon and baby Chestnut have been returned to their home in the rainforest less than a year after they were rescued from wildlife traffickers. The pair were among ten slow lorises to be released on Mount Sawal, West Java, on 1 August 2017.All ten lorises were victims of the... read more »

Massive male orangutan is rescued and moved to a safe new home in Borneo

20th July 2017

Our team in Indonesia worked with the Natural Resources Conservation Centre (BKSDA) of West Kalimantan, Gunung Palung National Park (TNGP) and a Conservation Task Force from palm oil company PT Kayung Agro Lestari to rescue the orangutan from a community garden around Jalan Siduk-Ketapang km. 9 in... read more »

Illegal trader in Indonesia is caught red-handed with nine Critically Endangered Javan slow lorises

18th July 2017

Nine Javan slow lorises have been rescued in the nick of time from an illegal trader in Indonesia. The Critically Endangered primates were found to be suffering from injuries inflicted by their captor, as well as wounds sustained during their time in captivity. Some had had their teeth cut, while... read more »

Two orangutans have been released back into the Bornean rainforest after extensive rehabilitation

20th June 2017

The great apes were released into the Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (BBBR NP) by our team in Indonesia, in cooperation with the Institute for Natural Resources Conservation (BKSDA) and the National Park.The orangutans named Amin and Shila were rescued several years ago by IAR and the BKSDA. ... read more »


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