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IAR Malta Chairman on Council of Europe committee

19th May 2000

The Council of Europe will be setting up a Committee for the Wildlife Rehabilitators from its member states. The Maltese Government, have nominated onto this committee, Max Farrugia who is our Chairman in Malta. Max who is licensed by the Ministry of Environment to act as a rehabilitator, has been... read more »

Animal Tracks

15th February 2000

We are now entering our fourth year of working in Goa and it looks like 2000 will be the year when our sterilisation clinic really gets established.In June 1999 we purchased our very own property which we named ’Animal Tracks’ after our rescue centre in Devon. The property comprises a small house... read more »

The dancing bears of India

8th January 2000

The dancing bears of India are one of the saddest sights you can see. These magnificent creatures are stolen from the wild at a few weeks old by killing the mother who will fight to the death to defend their young.The young bewildered cubs are then bundled into sacks and driven for days to the... read more »

Malta Tourist Information Service

11th July 1999

International Animal Rescue and a number of other European animal welfare groups have launched a Tourist Information Service specifically about animal welfare and the environment. Through a European network, tourists visiting the island of Malta will be able to gain information on the island before... read more »

Snake raid in Anjuna

23rd June 1999

International Animal Rescue and the Green Cross of Goa regularly carry out surprise raids at Anjuna market in Northern Goa. The object is to seize as many cobras from the snake charmers as possible. Snake charmers are illegal in India but they are still all too common. The charmers convince the... read more »

Animal Welfare Library

20th June 1999

As a result of the ever growing awareness from students and other organisations, IAR (Malta) decided to open a specialised library. The library which is available for students and other organisations consists of hundreds of books which are privately owned by Max and other members. It specialises in... read more »

Mauritius - Tropical Paradise?

15th April 1999

By John Hicks, Founder of International Animal Rescue Like most people I always thought of Mauritius as a holiday paradise with it’s sandy beaches, clear blue seas and plenty of sun. I was therefore delighted to receive an invitation by the Mauritian Government to visit this paradise. What is more... read more »


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