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RSPCA International remove affiliation of the MSPCA

23rd January 2002

Following our recommendations the RSPCA International section have removed the affiliation of the MSPCA. International Animal Rescue (IAR) visited Mauritius in April 1999 as guests of the Government to assess the trapping and killing of Stray dogs on the Island. IAR submitted a report which... read more »

The fight against illegal bird shooting

18th September 2001

There are two things that you can be sure of when you visit Malta. The first is the sun and the second is the sound of gunfire.Malta has been fighting a war for generations, a war on the birds that fly over this small island at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. Since birds evolved they have... read more »

Lessons learned in the USA

28th June 2001

By Dr Astrid G. Almeida, BVSc, AH, MVSc (Surg), Veterinary Director, Goa Dr Astrid G. Almeida of Animal Tracks, Goa, went on a veterinary training trip to the USA. This was sponsored by IAR and organised by Dr Jeff Young - here she describes her experience. I arrived in Denver on 17 July 2001 to... read more »

IAR in the USA

21st June 2001

We are delighted to announce that International Animal Rescue has expanded into the USA and was incorporated in June 2001 and The IRS has recognized us as an IRC 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. This is great news for our supporters in the US making all their gifts tax deductable! We have built... read more »

IAR helps force change to animal welfare laws in Malta

15th June 2001

Two animal welfare Bills were introduced during April and May. Both Acts speak about animal welfare in general and the environment. For the first time, in the animal welfare field, the Maltese will have an Act to establish and consolidate the protection of animals kept for work, sport,... read more »

A lifeline for sacred cows

11th June 2001

Over the last few months the vets at IAR in Goa have been dealing with an increasing number of calls to treat cows. Most of these are stray cows that roam freely on the roads, beaches and in the towns. Anyone who has visited any part of India will be familiar with the sight of herds of cows... read more »

John and Jo Hicks retire to India

19th March 2001

After a lifetime of work devoted to animals John and Jo Hicks have finally decided to take life easier and have emigrated to India. The idea is to retire and take things easy but anyone who has met John will realise that this is next to impossible for him! John is currently keeping a watchful eye... read more »


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