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A lifeline for sacred cows

11th June 2001

Over the last few months the vets at IAR in Goa have been dealing with an increasing number of calls to treat cows. Most of these are stray cows that roam freely on the roads, beaches and in the towns. Anyone who has visited any part of India will be familiar with the sight of herds of cows... read more »

John and Jo Hicks retire to India

19th March 2001

After a lifetime of work devoted to animals John and Jo Hicks have finally decided to take life easier and have emigrated to India. The idea is to retire and take things easy but anyone who has met John will realise that this is next to impossible for him! John is currently keeping a watchful eye... read more »

Major expansion of veterinary clinic

1st March 2001

International Animal Rescue’s veterinary clinic in Goa has been gradually expanding over the last four years.IAR started this important work in Goa from very modest beginnings, literally operating on the kitchen table, we are now running a fully operational veterinary clinic employing 4 local vets... read more »

Caring for injured wildlife

6th January 2001

Caring for injured wildlife is specialised work. It requires a combination of knowledge in several fields such as animal biology, animal nutrition, medicine, as well as an ability to recognise the character of each individual animal and its needs. The Malta Wildlife Hospital was set up following... read more »

Local campaigns against illegal bird shooting

25th August 2000

For the last seven years International Animal Rescue (Malta) has campaigned against the illegal shooting of birds in Malta. We organise lobbying against the massacres.In the early nineties we campaigned to change the local laws and regulations. With the help of Birdlife (Malta) we campaigned for... read more »

Bird shooting and trapping in Malta

10th July 2000

Way back in the early nineties, a decision to establish a small unit within the existing police force whose main objective was to protect the environment.This unit was officially known as the Administrative Law Enforcement although it was commonly referred to amongst the general public (especially... read more »

Boat donated by IAR to Malta Police

27th June 2000

International Animal Rescue (IAR) and the Administrative Law Enforcement (ALE) section of the Malta Police enjoy a very good working relationship. Helping each other in their respective work and co-operating to better the protection of birds in Malta.During one of our meetings the police told us... read more »


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