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A brighter future for cats in Turkey

12th June 2002

In response to several reports from concerned supporters about the huge numbers of cats colonising parts of Kalkan, a tourist resort on the south coast of Turkey, IAR commenced a pilot sterilisation project in November 2001. Tapestry Holidays, one of the main tour operators for the region, had also... read more »

First annual IAR animal welfare awards

10th June 2002

As part of its promotional campaign to encourage animal welfare awareness in Malta, International Animal Rescue introduced an award for the radio and television stations that best promote animal welfare. For the first time this year the awards went to Sonya Young from RTK radio and Marika Mizzi... read more »

IAR Malta gets observer status in Brussels group

22nd May 2002

International Animal Rescue Malta is the only environmental group from Malta that gained observer status in Eurogroup for Animal Welfare, the consultative group for the EU. The other group with a similar status is World Animal Conscience (WAC). In a letter to Max Farrugia, Chairman of IAR Malta,... read more »

Hen Heaven

29th April 2002

Battery hens continue to suffer terribly from the inhumane conditions of the factory farming system. But many lucky chickens must now feel that they have died and -literally- gone to heaven, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Linda Turvey. Linda provides a secure home for up to 1000 ex-... read more »

New ambulance to the rescue of wildlife in E. Sussex

3rd March 2002

We are delighted to have been able to support the work of Trevor Weeks of the Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service (WRAS) by providing funding towards the ambulance. WRAS provides an excellent emergency rescue service. It is called upon regularly to rescue swans, foxes, badgers, birds, reptiles and... read more »

A step in the right direction

2nd March 2002

We are delighted to learn that the government are finally promising to end the cruelty of fur farming in the UK by introducing a Bill to ban all fur farms in the UK. Although the date for the second reading of the bill has still to be announced. For those of you who follow fashion you will no doubt... read more »

IAR and Nature Trust venture

12th February 2002

Following a meeting with the Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Minister Dr George Pullicino met with all the environmental groups in Malta to discuss the problems that the local environment is facing. On advice from the Minister, IAR and Nature Trust joined forces to set up the Voluntary... read more »


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