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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

We are celebrating our 30 year anniversary!

Throughout September IAR is celebrating three decades of saving suffering animals by spotlighting the charity’s main successes since it was founded in 1989. 

From rescuing the very last dancing bear off the streets of India to launching the first Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in West Borneo, IAR has come to the aid of thousands of animals over the years, from sloth bears to slow lorises.

Our CEO Alan Knight OBE kicked off celebrations by reflecting on the past 30 years: “Looking back on how far we have come since 1989 and the huge wins we have achieved for suffering animals, I feel a huge sense of pride. In spite of the challenges that lie ahead, I remain hopeful that with our committed supporters we can take even greater strides for animals during the next 30 years.”

Our fundraising team is already making strides for animals as staff members Robin Fegan and Gavin Bruce took on an almighty challenge on 4th September. To commemorate 30 years, Fegan and Bruce walked 30 miles from Hove to our UK office in Uckfield, East Sussex.

Speaking en route, Robin Fegan, Director of Fundraising, explained why he took part in the gruelling challenge: “Right now, forest fires are engulfing thousands of acres of Indonesia’s precious rainforest. Our teams in the field are risking their lives fighting the fires and many orangutans and other wildlife are losing their homes.

On our walk it was clear we caught the attention of the local public and we hope to spread our message far and wide. We need a concerted effort to respect and cherish our planet and all the creatures we share it with.”

The month-long celebrations will come to a close on Sunday 29th September, the day of The Rainforest Run, a global mass participation event. We are urging people all over the world to take part in the 5k challenge to help raise awareness and funds to fight the forest fires.

Alan Knight spoke of his admiration for our supporters: “Every day I encounter inspirational people who give me cause for optimism – individuals dedicated to improving the lives of animals and people by preserving the natural world we all depend on to survive. Together we hold the key to the future.”

We are inviting the public to go on a journey through its interactive timeline and learn more about the organisation’s animal and environmental milestones over the past 30 years: