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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Thanks to all our supporters and volunteers!

Vehicle purchased thanks to Jackie and Harry's effortsIn Europe every year we tend to act surprised when Christmas arrives. "Gosh, is it here already?!", "Where has the past year gone?!" etc.

Here in Goa we tend to react in a similar fashion when the season starts. We cannot quite believe that the monsoon is over so soon and that in a few weeks the Goan beaches will be full of shacks and tourists. Lately all the restaurants and shops have been busy getting ready for the great influx of foreigners. Carpenters, painters and plumbers have been working on over- drive to try and keep up with the demands for their services.

Soon the IAR centre in Assagao will have the pleasure of visitors and volunteers - old and new - and here like everywhere else we have been getting ready for the season: building, painting, cleaning and generally improving on the centre using our experience from last season and the ones before to ensure that we are efficient and professional about all areas of our work.

This year once again a lot of our regular supporters will be raising funds for us through various activities and we are delighted that Jackie and Harry are on board our team for the third season running doing discos in aid of International Animal Rescue. This year DJ Rick Shaw (Harry's alter ego) and partner will be resident entertainers at Octopus Garden Bar & Restaurant in Candolim. The place will be run by Ken and Jackie who were running Peacock Pub in previous seasons and there they were also hosts to many a successful fundraising event with DJ Rick Shaw. IAR staff will take part in these events by opening up the show with a presentation about IAR and our work in Goa.

Vehicle purchased thanks to Jackie & Harry's effortsLast year Jackie and Harry raised almost 300.000 INR for our charity through their discos and with this money we purchased a new vehicle (pictured) for running errands which previously we have had to use our ambulances for. Such errands may include trips to Palolem, South Goa to operate on dogs, shopping for the centre, and attending calls where the animal can be treated on site. We can comfortably fit a cage in the back of the car and pick up any emergency cases as well.

The money which Jackie and Harry raise for IAR is making a significant difference and enables us to do things which otherwise we would not be able to. We are immensely grateful for the time and effort that the couple put into their work. It requires genuine dedication to our cause and Jackie and Harry have shown time and time again that they have plenty of that. On behalf of IAR Goa we would like to thank them and all the people who attended the events and made a donation for their tremendous support.

Funds are not just being raised during the tourist season from October to April. In the monsoon other volunteers have been busy collecting cash for the centre. Some of the places, which stay open throughout the year have had a donation box on display for us and we would like to thank these restaurants for their support. They are: TwoPac, Jungle Village, Bar Eclipse and Rock Café in Calangute, Cactus in Candolim and Glen Eagles Crazy Golf Course in Anjuna.

Sue, Jessie and Jenny have made regular contributions to these boxes by putting in the cash they have raised through various activities such as sale of IAR merchandise, fining people for using certain bad words and generally spreading the word about our charity to people they come in contact with. A big thank you to another team of dedicated volunteers. We have also been fortunate enough to have had an impressive number of volunteers from UK helping us during the monsoon season this year. Michelle volunteered at the centre for 2 months and being a student of animal behaviour she was of great benefit to our pups and kittens. She played an active role in the assessment of our hygiene standards among the puppies and kittens and has contributed considerably to our updated Puppy & Kitten Protocol. Josie, Georgina and Suzanne - all vet students - were here during the month of August and were of great assistance to our vets in the kennels and out patient department. Anna joined us for a few weeks in September and was given the responsibility of admitting new pups and kittens and looking after their general health.

Thank you so much to all of you for your willingness to travel out here and help us care for the animals.

There are many people who deserve to be mentioned and thanked in this newsletter. Whether it is a one off donation, a day spent at the centre walking our dogs or a continuous effort to help us all kinds of support is appreciated. So many people show their support in so many ways and it is because of these people that we are able to do our work for the animals in Goa.

Thank you to you all!