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Success for 'Scratchy's project' in Indonesia

Scratchy now healthy and happySince setting up its new Domestic Animal Rescue Mission (DARM) project in Indonesia in December, our team has neutered a dozen dogs and nine cats. They have also been approached by a number of people who have voluntarily brought their animals for treatment after being advised by friends whose dogs have been neutered. Clearly word is spreading about the team's work and is proving effective at raising awareness of IAR in the area.

The team also recently encountered some hunters in the national park where IAR releases slow lorises after rehabilitation. They warned the men that hunting within the park was illegal and they could face a serious punishment. The education team is planning more awareness and education campaigns in the area in order to enlist the villagers' help in protecting the national park and letting IAR know about any illegal activities in the area. Simply by making the trips to the village the team is also able to keep an eye on goings-on in the area.

Scratchy prior to treatmentScratchy, the dog whose poor condition prompted the start of the project, has finally been reunited with his owner and is a much healthier and happier dog. The team makes a point of checking regularly on all the dogs and cats that they return to their owners after surgery.

So far the project has been getting a very positive response from local people. The team members are taking part on a voluntary basis, proving that they are also genuinely interested in making a difference to the animals in their neighbourhood.