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Sainsbury's seal protest update

Our demonstration against Sainsbury's on Wednesday, 27 October, was called off late Tuesday evening following a phone call to Andy Ottaway (Seal Protection Action Group) from their Head of Corporate Responsibility asking us to call off the demo and meet with them instead.

So yesterday afternoon Alan Knight (BDMLR and International Animal Rescue) and Andy went to Sainsbury's HQ in London to meet with them.

From that meeting it was apparent that they are taking our campaign demands seriously, and it is fair to say they have undertaken to respond very positively to them. We were asked to be patient and to allow various meetings to take place. We are expecting an announcement within two weeks.

Andy also received a call from a senior Tesco official yesterday and we hope that this signifies that they too are listening.

This is an extremely positive development and we now await a favorable response to our demands for a statement of their intention to stop killings seals.