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RSPCA International remove affiliation of the MSPCA

Following our recommendations the RSPCA International section have removed the affiliation of the MSPCA.

International Animal Rescue (IAR) visited Mauritius in April 1999 as guests of the Government to assess the trapping and killing of Stray dogs on the Island. IAR submitted a report which explains our findings in full.

Following this report, IAR have set up a coalition of interested parties including:

  • The Government of Mauritius
  • The Veterinary council of Mauritius
  • PAWS (A local NGO)
  • The MSPCA (If they wish to be represented)
  • The RSPCA International division
  • International Animal Rescue

The Secretary of the MSPCA Dr. J Shuja has visited the RSPCA in the UK to apply for affiliation to the RSPCA. IAR are totally opposed to the MSPCA being given the blessing of the RSPCA as long as the Society is run by Dr. Shuja and follows the mass destruction policies laid down by him. IAR have provided the RSPCA with a copy of their report and have recommended that RSPCA affiliation should be refused. IAR recommend that Dr.Shuja is relieved of his position as soon as possible so that compassion can be re introduced into Mauritius and the dogs that have suffered the constant attack s from the MSPCA dog catchers can finally relax and enjoy life.

The future for Mauritius must be a mass sterilization campaign totally backed by the Government and using the local vets to do the operations. IAR would welcome the MSPCA to be part of this campaign but as long as Dr.Shuja is in power this will not happen.

IAR have offered the services of one of their vets to train surgeons on the Island in the latest techniques of minimally invasive surgery. We have also offered help in establishing a humane and compassionate dog trapping scheme to allow the sterilizations to take place. We hope that IAR will play a major part in the future humane and compassionate control of the stray dogs of Mauritius.