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Our team in Indonesia comes to the aid of a captive sun bear

Chained up for over two yearsInternational Animal Rescue's team in Indonesia has assisted members of the local forestry department (BKSDA) with the evacuation of a captive sun bear from the home of a government official. The bear had been kept chained up for more than two years, until the official was about to move house and decided that he wanted to get rid of the poor animal.

The team helped BKSDA representatives move the bear to a transport cage at the BKSDA facility. He is in extremely poor condition – malnourished and skinny. He is suffering from severe rickets (metabolic osteodistrophy) and consequently all the long bones in his fore- and hindlegs are bent and misshapen. The bear also has serious problems with his teeth and therefore is unable to eat properly. These problems have all been caused by an unsuitable diet, deficient in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamins C, A and D. It comes as no surprise that he is in such poor health after being kept chained up for more than two years and fed only on rice.

Malnourished and suffering from severe ricketsIAR's team in Ketapang is hoping to make a cage for the bear to live in, at least for the time being, so that he can be more comfortable until he can be moved to a rehabilitation centre and sanctuary for bears in central Kalimantan.

Karmele Llano Sanchez, IAR's Veterinary Director in Indonesia, said she could not understand why any one would keep an animal chained up and clearly suffering for so long. "And to neglect it so entirely that it is weak and deformed and will now never be able to fend for itself is an act of cruelty for which there are no excuses," she added.