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Olive's diary: A little white bull

Taken from IAR's blog, Olive's Diary:

Hello dear friendsNandini's poorly leg

I can only offer my opinion from a canine perspective, but I imagine that most cattle living in the western world of intensive farming might feel envious if they knew how cows and other domestic animals in India are mainly free to roam at will and live a relatively free existence. But freedom usually comes at a cost and some local cattle have quite a hard time living here in Goa.

With progress and the passing of time the once quiet roads and lanes where, not so long ago, the heaviest traffic was probably nothing more than an ox cart, conditions have changed dramatically. The roads are improved and coated with hard surfaces that enable modern, powerful vehicles to transport people in the constant rush of life nowadays where everyone wants to get somewhere fast. 

Nandini the cow was already having a tough time - she was very undernourished and heavily pregnant when things became even worse for her. Night time is even more dangerous on the roads for dark-coloured animals that are not visible in poor light. One evening Nandini was hit by a car and sustained a broken leg.

But thanks to the rescue team at Animal Tracks help was swiftly on hand. Nandini was gently transported to the centre in the purpose-built cattle ambulance. The medical team splinted her broken leg and settled Nandini into the safe sanctuary of Animal Track's goshala where numerous cattle are taken care of whilst they recover from illness or injury. 

NansonAlthough she was comfortable, well fed and safe, the team were nevertheless concerned for the unborn calf and its mother. With Nandini's poor condition and the stress and trauma of the accident, there was concern that the calf would not survive.

But one morning soon afterwards the staff and all of us resident animals alike were overjoyed to discover that Nandini had effortlessly delivered a perfect bull calf during the previous night. 

Much excitement ensued as we all wanted to greet the new arrival and welcome him into the world. Resident dog Stella was particularly attentive, somehow understanding that Nandini was in need of some extra help caring for the calf with her own restricted mobility while her leg healed. Stella took on the self appointed role of minder for young Nanson and vigilantly kept watch, staying protectively close to mother and calf and ensuring the other animals didn't become too enthusiastic with the new arrival.

Stella keeps guard over the new arrivalAnd so, whilst Nandini recovers with plentiful food and shelter from harm, the young Nanson thrives within the safety of his extended family of human and animal friends at Animal Tracks where the only life he's known so far is secure from trouble and stress. 

Of course the day will eventually come for mother and son to leave Animal Tracks and resume their place in the world. Let us hope they both keep safe and healthy - and at least with Nanson being a little white bull, he'll be visibly easier for speeding traffic to avoid in the dark.

I'm a dog with a charmed happy life which I truly appreciate, but may I ask you please to consider and keep an eye out for all the other creatures that are out and about and vulnerable in the darkness when you're travelling through the night.

Love Olive x