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NGOs condemn importation of dolphins to Malta

Samba the dolphinSix non-governmental organisations (NGOs) - Catcare Association, Island Sanctuary, Nature Trust, International Animal Rescue (Malta), World Animal Conscience and Moviment Graffiti - have condemned the importation of the last six dolphins that arrived in Malta last Sunday.

"These dolphins were kidnapped from their families and condemned to lifetime imprisonment in a concrete pool to perform silly tricks for the amusement of a few," the NGOs said in a statement yesterday. Concrete pools, they added, will never replace the rich open seas that nature provides, so these dolphins have to spend the rest of their lives together, whether they like it or not. The organisations said the marine park imported both male and female dolphins to breed them and trade them.

"This was their intention from the very beginning. There is nothing educational about their marine circus show. Dolphins are sold for many thousands of liri and that is all there is to it."

These organisations further condemned the authorities for paving the way for this deed by publishing the new law L.N. 203 on 12 August without consulting any organisations, and furthermore for such hurried processing of the application of the marine park. Meanwhile after more than a decade the welfare regulations that protect these dolphins have not yet been implemented. The NGOs called on the public and on all schools not to visit Mediterraneo Marine Park.

"If the few people that go will stop going to these shows they will be supporting the cause of the dolphins and will save many of these animals from being captured from the wild to fill up the empty pools that are left behind by some unlucky performers in a marine circus!"

Source: The Malta Independent