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New vet clinic receives donation of vital veterinary equipment

Horsebridge Veterinary Practice staff with their new blood analyser machineThe donation of a vital piece of equipment to a new veterinary practice in Hailsham will be invaluable in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Rosario Gutierrez opened her Horsebridge Veterinary Practice just weeks ago. On Friday, 13 May she took delivery of a blood analyser machine from Synermed Ltd in Burgess Hill.

The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the medical, veterinary and environmental fields. The new machine uses ’wet chemistry’, the most accurate testing method of taking a blood sample and conducting a series of tests on it. It provides a general health assessment of an animal, checking kidney and liver function, as well as identifying any thyroid problems. Blood tests are an essential veterinary tool for determining a course of treatment and ensuring that the animal is well enough to undergo an operation.

The donation of the £22,000 machine followed an approach by Steve Clarke, Sales Manager of Synermed to Alan Knight of Uckfield-based charity International Animal Rescue (IAR). As well as working to protect animals abroad, IAR funds Catastrophes, a local cat rescue charity and sanctuary which uses the veterinary services of the Horsebridge Veterinary Practice. Says Alan: "The opening of the Horsebridge Surgery has been wonderful news for Catastrophes: it is not far from our sanctuary and Rosario Gutierrez is a really experienced vet who genuinely loves animals. She has also offered us a 24-hour emergency service which will mean sick and injured cats won’t have to travel far for treatment.

"After receiving the generous donation of the blood analyser from Synermed, Rosario is now able to provide blood tests for the Catastrophes cats at a vastly reduced rate and give us a considerable discount on general vet care."

The modern facilities at the Horsebridge Practice are well-equipped to treat dogs, cats and small mammals. As well as treating domestic pets, the surgery will be supporting wildlife in the region and working with animal rescue charities in the Sussex and Kent area.