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Maltese police uncover nearly 100 protected bird species

Illegally stuffed birds, confiscated by the policeA police raid in Malta has uncovered 98 protected bird species which had all been stuffed. It is illegal to stuff birds in Malta, and the 21 year old man who had them in his possession will be appearing in Court in the coming weeks. Investigators also found at the same location the material and tools needed to stuff birds for display.

International Animal Rescue congratulated the police on their excellent efforts to protect wildlife and the environment in Malta. Although the Administrative Law Enforcement (ALW) wildlife unit is fairly small, the officers and men within it are highly motivated. A spokesman for IAR said that it is vital for the police and the courts to work closely together to bring an end once and for all to illegal hunting in Malta.

Among the birds that were confiscated was a considerable number of birds of prey, including honey buzzards, kestrels, marsh harriers and falcons. It is suspected that the man who was arrested did not own them, but had them in his possession for stuffing and mounting as trophies.