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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Louis Barnett and his Chokolit company team up with IAR to help orangutans in crisis

10% from every multi pack sold goes to IARInternational Animal Rescue has teamed up with young entrepreneur and chocolatier Louis Barnett and his palm oil-free Chokolit company to give consumers the chance to enjoy top quality chocolate whilst also supporting a serious conservation issue.

Louis – only 18 years of age - has chosen to use chocolate as a way of raising awareness of environmental issues and raising funds for charities like IAR that are making a real difference in the conservation arena. His 'Biting Back' bars carry the message that we must all play our part in protecting wildlife and the environment if we are to have a sustainable future.

Ten pence from every bar sold is being donated to IAR's orangutan rescue project in Borneo. And for every multipack of five bars that is sold, Chokolit will donate £1 - 10% of the proceeds.

Louis has set himself the ambitious target of raising £100,000 from chocolate sales to help the orangutans. This would enable IAR to care for 100 orangutans for a year, helping them to forget the horrors of the past and learn the skills they need to survive in safe areas back in the wild.

Louis' passion for wildlife and the environment has led him to make a pledge not to use palm oil in any of his products – unlike many of his competitors. He is deeply concerned about the relentless destruction of the rainforests to make way for oil palm plantations and the threat this poses to the survival of endangered species.

He says: "We all need to make better choices in the products we buy to ensure they are free from palm oil. By choosing IAR's Chokolit bars you can do your bit to save the orangutan from extinction. The survival of this magnificent primate is threatened by the relentless destruction of his home to make way for oil palm plantations. By buying a multipack in support of International Animal Rescue you are making a vital investment in the future of the planet and the gentle 'man of the forest.'"

Alan Knight, Chief Executive of IAR, says: "We're thrilled to have the support of Louis and his Chokolit company for our orangutan rescue project. We're in urgent need of funds so that we can give orangutans the expert care they so desperately need.

"Louis and his team have done their bit, now it's up to the public to do theirs! The message is simple - just do your bit and buy Chokolit. It's a perfect way to help orangutans in crisis – and it's delicious chocolate too!

"We're calling on everyone to go online and buy a multipack - and spread the word among family and friends too. So please, everyone, get shopping for the guilt-free chocolate that tastes good - and does good."