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Latest news from Trichy

Deike Schacht, Veterinary Surgeon, reported on 30th June that: "The work in the clinic is going very well. Last month we carried out 54 operations in three weeks and this month the total will be even higher. We are keeping some dogs for longer than four days, mainly in order to treat various skin disorders.

So far we have been able to rehome about 15 puppies that I have been caring for in my own house: this is because they need feeding day and night to build up their strength. Thanks to advertising, not only have we found homes for them all, we even have a waiting list for when we take more in!"

IAR is providing Deike with a small van to transport dogs to and from her clinic, as the vehicle she is using at the moment is on its last legs. Congratulations to Deike on such a great start at IAR Trichy. She is already making a difference to the lives of the local animals.