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Illegal trapper caught in Malta

A policeman has been slightly injured by an illegal bird trapper trying to evade capture in Malta. The man threatened the policeman with a glass bottle and then bit him in an effort to escape. A second man who intervened was also arrested.

Confiscated linnets originally used as decoysSigns of spring in Malta and the more clement weather have prompted the appearance of the first migratory birds over the island. The wildlife protection police - the ALE - have begun patrolling the countryside to prevent illegal shooting and trapping. It was during one such patrol that the illegal trapper was found.

The incident took place in the south of Malta in the notorious trapping area known as Delimara where illegal activity is rampant. This is the same area where John Hicks, founder of International Animal Rescue, was threatened and then attacked some years ago, ending up in hospital for several days.

The police confiscated five linnets (song birds) which were being used as decoys on the trapping site. They were found to be in very bad condition and most of their feathers were damaged. They are being cared for at the International Animal Rescue bird hospital until they are fit enough to be released.

A police source said that the culprit would be brought before the Court accused of illegal trapping and resisting arrest.