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IAR's team in Borneo directly translocate Ana, Ina, Mama Novia and her baby Noval

Our team in Borneo has rescued another four orangutans and translocated them to a safe area of forest. 

As a result of the forest fires, our Human Orangutan (HOC) team are extremely busy monitoring orangutans in burnt areas of forest. The orangutans are suffering from starvation and malnutrition due to the fires destroying all their food sources in the forest.

The HOC team track these orangutans down and with the help of local people, relocates them to an area where there is sufficient food supplies and they are able to make a nest in the trees.

Here are details of the orangutans in this latest rescue:


(Main picture) A female orangutan aged 5 - 6 years old.


A female orangutan around 20 years old. Our team discovered on examinations that Ina is pregnant, they could feel the head and body of the fetus inside her stomach.

Mama Novia and her baby Noval

Mama Novia's baby is approximately 9 months old. Unfortunately they snagged on branches on the way down from the tree after they were anaesthetised. Our animal keeper, Ogah, climbed up high in the tree to release the animals.

The orangutans were directly translocated to PT.KAL, an oil plantation company which still has about 3.000 hectares of protected forest for orangutans. The release of these four orangutans can be watched on the video below:

The releases went very smoothly and once released the orangutans climbed high and started to forage in the forest around them.