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IAR welcomes introduction of new legislation that will end mass killing of dogs in Mauritius

A year after raising the alarm on the mass killing of dogs in Mauritius by the very body created to protect them - the Mauritius Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) - International Animal Rescue has congratulated Minister S Faugoo on the introduction of a Bill designed to reform the MSPCA and end its cruel methods of population control. 

In spring 2012, having been alerted to the MSPCA’s activities by International Animal Rescue, the Daily Mail carried out its own undercover investigation in Mauritius. The evidence was chilling: the article, printed in the paper on 10 April last year, described the cruel and indiscriminate methods of catching and killing dogs in Mauritius – a massive 80% of which are people’s pets snatched off the streets by dog catchers.

In response to public outcry at the MSPCA’s practices and with offers of support and assistance coming from NGOs within and outside Mauritius, the government took decisive action with the introduction of the Mauritius Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Temporary Provisions) Bill. The Bill, introduced by Mr Faugoo, Minister for Agro-Industry and Food Security, had its Second Reading on 16 April this year.

During the Second Reading Mr Faugoo outlined the Bill’s objectives which included removing the eighteen existing MSPCA Council members from office and replacing them with an Interim Management Committee of five members.

He also explained that, in terms of animal welfare, his Ministry aims to move “towards a more humane and modern legislative framework” in which dog sterilisation will replace dog catching and killing.

The news has been warmly welcomed by the many individuals and NGOs who were outraged by the MSPCA’s practices. Alan Knight, IAR Chief Executive, said: “I am delighted by this news and applaud Minister Faugoo and Minister Boolell on their commitment to a humane system of population control. Time will prove that not only is sterilisation the kindest way to control stray dog populations, it is also the most effective method.”

In the months ahead the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security will undertake a major dog population survey in Mauritius. This will be carried out in conjunction with the Humane Society International and the International Animal Welfare and Protection Coalition, of which International Animal Rescue is a founder member. This will be the first such survey to be carried out in Mauritius.

International Animal Rescue is encouraging its supporters to email Minister Faugoo and congratulate him and Minister Boolell on the new legislation which, it is hoped, will signal the start of a more enlightened era in animal welfare in Mauritius: [email protected]