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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

IAR team comes to aid of victims of tsunami crisis

Treating a calf on the beachAs soon as news of the tsunami disaster came in, IAR founder John Hicks who is based in India, mobilised a veterinary team from Animal Tracks, IAR’s clinic in Goa. Indian vet Kevin and Dutch vet Miek, who specialises in treating cattle, set off to the south east state of Tamil Nadu in the new IAR ambulance which was packed with supplies and drugs. In addition, with funding from IAR, a second rescue team from Indian groups Wildlife SOS and Friendicoes SECA and led by Kartick from the Agra bear sanctuary, also headed off to the disaster area.

Humanitarian aid had not even reached some of the villages that our teams visited. Consequently essential emergency relief for local people was a first priority and our vets have been treating broken bones and bringing aid to the sick and the injured, particularly children and the elderly. They have also been distributing fodder and water for livestock as well as domestic pets, as well as burning and burying carcases and advising local people on measures to prevent the spread of disease.

IAR's UK office immediately sent £5000 to support the initial stages of this work.

Paravet with rescued dogThere is no doubt that the aid we are giving is desperately needed and greatly appreciated by the tragic victims of this terrible disaster. Local people rely heavily on their goats and cattle for their livelihood, and many of them also have pets which are of particular comfort at a time of such unimaginable loss.

If you would like to support our work to come to the aid of the victims of the tsunami, please consider making a donation.