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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

IAR supports emergency rescue in Beirut

During the summer International Animal Rescue supported two local volunteers who flew to Beirut to help animals caught up in the bombing. They subsequently sent in an account of their mercy mission:

"We watched with horror the bombing in Lebanon - a dreadful time for people and animals. We realised that the only dog rescue shelter in the country was also in the firing line. The dogs were becoming increasingly distressed by the constant explosions and, as if this wasn’t bad enough, more dogs were arriving as people were evacuating. Obviously the need to move was urgent.

Thankfully, Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) which runs both dog and cat shelters was given the use of an abandoned pig farm away from the bombing. The frightened dogs were driven by the volunteers to their new home.

We began fundraising and collecting treatments and donations for the shelter. International Animal Rescue was great and gave us £500 worth of veterinary medicines to take out. When the airport reopened we were able to book flights and, in October, we went out for two weeks to help at the dog shelter.

We spent every day at the shelter helping with general cleaning, medicating sick animals and dog walking. We also gave lots of tender loving care to many scared and nervous dogs, all desperate for attention. We met more than 100 fantastic dogs - some of their stories were very sad like Sunny the lovely golden retriever who, traumatised by the bombing, has started biting people since the war in the summer.

Heavy rain caused serious flooding at the temporary shelter and water poured in through the main roof and flooded dog pens and exercise areas.The damp conditions led to an outbreak of pneumonia that particularly affected young and elderly dogs. Sadly some of the puppies died from this during our stay.

Land has been secured for a new shelter but funds are desperately needed to provide a secure and dry future for these abandoned animals. There are still more animals arriving than being homed. Please remember the dogs this Christmas - all donations, no matter how small, make a huge difference to these animals’ lives."