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IAR in the news - One Green Planet Reports on Bintha, Bean and Bobby

One Green Planet has seen our latest updates on our bear cubs Bintha, Bean and Bobby and have run an article on these bears. The bears were rescued by our partners Wildlife SOS in December 2013 and are now enjoying life at our Agra bear sanctuary.


Three former “dancing bears” had more to worry about than Goldilocks eating their porridge. They each suffered immensely at the hands for human profit. Each of the young bears was captured from the wild and pierced with a hot needle through their muzzle, where a coarse rope was threaded through their raw wound. They were forced to perform and “dance” at the will of their human captors, only to learn the agonizing pain they would feel if they didn’t comply.

On a trip from Nepal back to their homeland of India, their human captors — also known as “Nats,” a group of street performers — were stopped at the border. Luckily, the three bears were discovered “in a joint rescue operation by Indian charity Wildlife SOS and the local police and forest department.” See the full story at One Green Planet...