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IAR Malta joins protest against animal cruelty

International Animal Rescue Malta is joining a coalition of 20 organisations holding a demonstration against animal circuses. The protest will come to a halt in front of Circo Bellucci, an animal circus performing in Malta during the festive season. The demonstration, to be held on Thursday, 21st December, will start at 18:30 CET in front of the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana.

The aim of the demonstration is to show opposition to cruelty against animals in circuses. A spokesperson for the demonstration said "Wild animals such as tigers, lions, penguins and giraffes are held in cages deprived of their liberty, social life and natural environment. To make the animals perform certain tricks it is inevitable that they are maltreated with things such as whips and electric prods. Apart from this, when the circus moves from one place to another, the animals have to travel for long hours in overcrowded containers without being allowed any rest."

Among the participating organisations are Moviment Graffiti, World Animal Conscience, Animal Rights Malta, Abandoned Animal Association, Hakuna Matata, International Animal Rescue (Malta), Island Sanctuary Association, Nature Trust, Noah's Ark Animal Century, SOS Animal Malta, St. Francis Foundation for Animals, Stray Animals Support Group, Subculture, Vegetarian Society of Malta, Yelp for Help, Alternattica Demokratika Zaghzagh, Ananda Marga, Cetfree and Catsociety.