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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

IAR Goa's Annual Dog Show

Muppit the winning dogThe traditional annual Dog Show at International Animal Rescue took place at the centre on 19 December, Goa Liberation Day.

The event is organised to give owners of local breed dogs an opportunity to share a fun day out and to meet other dog owners. Although not a condition of entry, many of the dogs turning up at the dog show were originally adopted from the IAR centre as pups and it’s wonderful to see how these animals thrive with their owners.

This year the Dog Show was judged by three supporters - Jackie, Wendy and Sandra who are all fundraisers and volunteers for IAR. The competition consisted of an ’inspection’ category where dogs were judged on personality, looks and obedience and an agility course category where dogs had a chance to show their jumping and crawling abilities.

The competition saw everything from pristinely well combed pooches to funny looking mongrels but all gave their best to overcome the challenges.

IAR staff got into the spirit of the games as well and many centre dogs were brought out into the sun to take their chance at winning one of the great prizes up for grabs.

The winner of this year’s Dog Show was Muppit, owned by Angela. With a total of 78 points Muppit had the highest overall score and he also won the prize for Funniest Looking Dog. As well as being cute and funny looking he was also the oldest participant at 14 years.

Sadly this year’s event saw significantly fewer participants than in previous years however those who turned up joined in the fun with their spirits high! All at International Animal Rescue look forward to next year’s event and hope that more people will come and have a great day out with their dogs and with each other.