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IAR funds major whale and dolphin tagging project

BDMLR at workInternational Animal Rescue has worked very closely with British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) for years and our UK office runs the administration for BDMLR.

The directors of BDMLR have been concerned for a long time that some of the whales and dolphins they rescue may not survive.

Up to now we have had no way of confirming that refloated whale and dolphins survive. James Barnett Veterinary surgeon and a Director of BDMLR has been looking into the tagging of refloated Cetaceans for several years. The project uses the Wildlife Computer SPOT tag to give an accurate position for an animal using the ARGOS satellite.

As the funding for this project has not been easy to find, IAR have finally decided to fund this project themselves and Carrie Collis visited the Summerlee foundation in Texas on her recent visit to the USA to discuss the possibility of helping with the project. Carrie was delighted to inform the board of BDMLR that she had secured $10,000 to start the project.

Three tags have now been ordered and training sessions are now being planned for vets in various areas around the UK.