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Howler monkey Daniela is released back into the wild.

Like many of the howler monkeys at our sanctuary, Daniela had become a victim of an uninsulated power cable after mistaking it for a tree branch.

Witnesses told the Refuge For Wildlife rescue team that she had been thrown to the ground by a violent bolt of electricity and knocked unconscious. She is very lucky not to have been killed!

Miraculously, after being taken to our sanctuary and examined by our on-site veterinarian, we could not find any visible injuries. No cuts, broken bones or burns.

We tested her blood with a specialist blood machine and found nothing to be concerned about. She was a little dehydrated, so we put her on a drip and some anti-inflammatory pain medication to help deal with any discomfort.

We observed Daniela for several weeks. She showed no further symptoms from the electrocution or fall to the ground, so we felt that the time was now right to return her to her rightful home in the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest.

The release happened a couple of days ago in a heavily forested area next to a river. She will now be able to live the rest of her days in peace, away from humans and dangerous, uninsulated power cables.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our howler monkey project so far! YOU are the reason why this is possible.


Watch the release below: