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Happy ending for a rescued slow loris

Dodol the slow loris' previous 'home'A loris rescued last November by our team in Indonesia has been safely returned to the wild. The little primate was found in Garut and named Dodol by the rescue team. He was being kept in a glass aquarium in the full glare of the sun – hideous conditions for a nocturnal animal that suffers in daylight. Dodol was very scared and weak, but thankfully all his teeth were still intact which meant he would still be able to fend for himself in the wild. With loving care and good food at the centre, he became a totally changed loris, much fatter and looking a lot healthier.

After just three months Karmele, our chief vet, decided that he was healthy and strong enough to be released. After weighing him and fitting him with a microchip, the team started up the side of Gunung Salak (Salak mountain) to a dense area of bamboo where he was to be released.

After a short walk in the dark the group arrived at the release site. Dodol didn´t hesitate for a moment, he climbed out of his cage and into the bamboo. Within minutes he was gone, happy to return to his natural home and be free again.