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Goa team rescues a bull from a well

Bull being hauled from the wellFollowing the dramatic rescue of a bull from a well, IAR is sending its team at the Goa rescue centre a new and longer ladder to help them with similar rescue operations in future. Although apparently unharmed, the hapless bull was well and truly stuck in the well and would have starved to death had it not been for the IAR rescuers who came to its aid. It wasn’t clear how long the animal had been down the well when local villagers came across him, but he was caked in mud from head to foot and doubtless traumatised by the fall into the well. He would have died a slow death from starvation if he hadn’t been spotted and hauled to safety.

IAR CEO Alan Knight said: "Our vet and rescue team from our Goa clinic were quick to act when they learned of the poor bull's plight. They are quite often called out to help animals that have fallen down wells in India, but these are more often dogs and cats than large cattle. Since carrying out the rescue operation, we have realised the need for a longer ladder to help in these situations, and we have taken immediate steps to get the right equipment to deal with such cases in future."

Once hauled to safety, the bull was given a veterinary check to ensure he had suffered no broken bones or other injuries. Says Alan Knight: "This bull was incredibly lucky to fall down such a deep well and escape without injury. The team was delighted to find that he wasn't hurt and had come through the whole experience unscathed - apart from a large dent in his dignity!"

IAR's clinic in Goa treats all kind of animals, as well as carrying out a programme of sterilisation and vaccination for street dogs and cats in the area. Their expert team of vets and animal handlers is experienced in dealing with and treating wild and domestic animals and, as this case shows, they have to be prepared for the most unusual and unexpected cases!