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German group to run spring bird protection camp with IAR Malta

As in autumn last year, the bird guards from the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) will be operating in Malta again this spring to monitor and record spring migration and document offences against bird protection legislation. CABS announced that six of their experienced biologists and activists will operate in Malta and Gozo from 26 April to 5 May. The operation is set up in conjunction with International Animal Rescue in Malta.

Part of the group will fly in directly from Cyprus where a similar bird protection camp is being held this spring. As was the case last September, all CABS staff will be equipped with video cameras and binoculars in order to record evidence of illegal activities.

"The whole operation will be conducted in close coordination with International Animal Rescue Malta and the Administrative Law Enforcement Section of the police unit," states CABS President Heinz Schwarze. "A CABS control room which will be manned day and night will be set up, and the police will be informed of all illegal activities which the bird guards notice, so that their patrols can react swiftly and effectively. Our video cameras could be running from behind every bush or boulder; but law abiding citizens need have no fear of being filmed."

CABS and International Animal Rescue have registered with great concern and consternation the arson attacks on vehicles belonging to Birdwatchers Malta and the unambiguous threats against conservationists which appeared in the forum of the FKNK (the hunters’ federation) website. "We have instructed all our staff to operate with extreme caution and avoid being drawn into discussion with any hunters," says Schwarze.