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Earth Day - Orangutan Overload!

Earth Day (22nd April) is a global initiative to encourage people to appreciate their natural environment and respect all living things. 

This year we are marking Earth Day with the release of this wonderful picture of some of the orphaned orangutans in our care, to raise awareness of our Orangutan Conservation Project in West Borneo. These orangutans on their way to Baby School at our rehabilitation centre in West Borneo may be adorable but their stories are heartbreaking. They were all orphaned by the murder of their mothers and were then illegally sold as pets. Our centre is home to nearly 80 rescued orangutans of different ages.  

We are appealing for funds to buy wheelbarrows to keep up with the increasing number of orangutans in our care. The wheelbarrows are used to transport the orangutans to and from baby school but unfortunately the rough terrain soon damages the wheels and the humid conditions means that they quickly rust. 

Wheelbarrows cost only £25 | €30 | $40 and can also be given as a 'virtual gift' meaning that your loved one will receive a notification that a wheelbarrow has been purchased on their behalf.